Work has stopped on Trump's border wall. See how it looks now

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Once there was a bustling construction zone here. Now it's like a ghost town, frozen in time.
Heavy machinery is parked and motionless. Stacks of steel bollards stretch as far as the eye can see.
The Trump administration built more than 450 miles of fencing along the US-Mexico border -- including hundreds of miles of replacement fencing and 52 miles of construction where there were no barriers before. The wall became a focal point of his presidency, a staging ground for political rallies and a symbol of the administration's controversial immigration crackdowns.
CNN's Ed Lavandera reports.
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Aidan Francis O'Flynn
Aidan Francis O'Flynn 5 minuta më parë
Fake news it was to keep the US safe. Biden must be impeached.
David Minhvo
David Minhvo 14 minuta më parë
"I'm taking you to the...the border fence" I had to rewind that part
a p
a p 27 minuta më parë
Trump and trumpets stupid. let t them go continue wall.
PETE ALLISON 33 minuta më parë
Most successfull Mexican entrance to the US is by plane the wall is irrelevant.
Jasper 46 minuta më parë
James Maxwell
James Maxwell 56 minuta më parë
Trump wasted your money and his friends took it from the wall
Mthunzi GQ
Mthunzi GQ Orë më parë
"Asylum seekers" couldn't be happier.
Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa Orë më parë
Not to worry Prez Biden, Trump didn't build a foot of "wall" either... It's all bollard style steel fence.... same as Obama & Bush built... But maybe you could have some additional fence installed by Calexico.
Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa Orë më parë
Well you can see why Trump was building a fence east of Nogales, just look at all those people stampeding across and over those hills 24/7 to get into the US....
Jeff Perters
Jeff Perters Orë më parë
America's border wall.
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez Orë më parë
Your wall😂😂😁
Lucas Hudson
Lucas Hudson Orë më parë
Typical CNN reporting.
Sean Drinkwater
Sean Drinkwater Orë më parë
biden stopping production of this wall is his biggest mistake. they need to finish it before this country is overrun and destroyed,.
Clyde Breazell
Clyde Breazell 2 orë më parë
we need trump
Trulius Julius
Trulius Julius 2 orë më parë
Let's build a wall he said, Mexico will pay for the wall he said.... Billions of dollars to keep all the Mexicans inside. What a complete waste.
CGI Future
CGI Future 2 orë më parë
Trump after Biden says no more wall construction: "MY DISAPPOINTMENT IS IMMEASURABLE AND MY DAY IS RUINED"
GeminiBlount 3 orë më parë
It's ok everyone, Mexico paid for this wall.......oh wait...
G Hart
G Hart 3 orë më parë
simple, no border, no country. come on through freebies waiting for you. call Hunter for drugs and sex trafficking routes.
L 4 orë më parë
Oh! thank god! I'm waiting on a couple of pounds and its getting difficult for my drug smuggling friends.😞
Jim Sia
Jim Sia 4 orë më parë
Stupid trump building non viable wall. Better to build factories before Us border
bastin castle
bastin castle 4 orë më parë
So sad... No more protection for USA... Biden doesn't love USA. He loves politics
Serge Gagne
Serge Gagne 5 orë më parë
USA needs its drugs and cartel comrades.. Take the wall down now...
Dawn Jones
Dawn Jones 5 orë më parë
He should have had it done before he left office. And his promise was that Mexico would pay for it!
Robin Fil
Robin Fil 5 orë më parë
I wander if human being will all unite if aliens begins attacking the earth?
Mike Hancho
Mike Hancho 5 orë më parë
SuperLitFam 5 orë më parë
With Biden as “president”, it’s needed more than ever... the boarder never had so much fentanyl and human trafficking moving across..
Chuekao Thao
Chuekao Thao 5 orë më parë
Here, Still waiting for mexico to pay for that border wall.
harold smith
harold smith 3 orë më parë
no the drug cartels didn't want to pay.
Richard Christian
Richard Christian 6 orë më parë
The locals and law enforcement are crying the wall needs to get going again. The evoiromentilest are cry at the destroyed beauty of the land with a big fence running across it, Biden who argued against it even getting built at the start Trump found the funds and got it started and when Biden took office like the child he is shut it down! With the pipeline! WHAT A MESS
Felipe c
Felipe c 6 orë më parë
Thankyou CNN ( Clinton News Network) for providing such non biased news information.
Asif Khan
Asif Khan 6 orë më parë
How? Take that money plant a lot of trees
Brian Guirola
Brian Guirola 7 orë më parë
Mexicans are gonna jack that steel
Sorcerer Vaati64
Sorcerer Vaati64 7 orë më parë
What an embarrassment
Brian Guirola
Brian Guirola 7 orë më parë
What a waste of time
Guamboyshuugaful 7 orë më parë
Millions and millions of taxpayers money and donated money wasted
Isaac agada
Isaac agada 7 orë më parë
The End
The End 7 orë më parë
SO Now it's Trumps faulty wall, not Biden letting the ladder stand, and allow anyone in, CNN for the win, lol.
The End
The End 7 orë më parë
Why finish it, Biden had them being flown in 1st class.
Beat Maker
Beat Maker 7 orë më parë
At least he done good job to Americans people and now we are going backwards again with sleepyhead joe
Andy B
Andy B 7 orë më parë
No border no country.... What a crock of chit..... 10% ehhhh JoJo JoJo sold our A$$ to the Cartels... Hunters Crack Pipe is Happy...
Sad Puppy
Sad Puppy 7 orë më parë
Its 8 miles from Sanger de cristo Arizona of course Abandoned that wall whatever happen in savageland they didn't want to experience it in real life 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️
Nathan Dundore
Nathan Dundore 8 orë më parë
Jesus is returning soon ! Please be ready!
fungoorstitch 9 orë më parë
LIAR45 stole a lot of taxpayer dollars on this one. Of course it was just one grift.
Kata Rina
Kata Rina 9 orë më parë
Lmao repair a mountain landscape? It's called Father Time. After a period of 10,000 years, you won't even notice the blasting. And maybe in 20,000 years, you wouldn't even know humans lived here either. But yeah border wall kind of a waste of money at this point, especially when it's cancelled. Trump should have gotten more support before beginning construction or had wall done in phases. This was just a huge waste of money.
Matias D.C
Matias D.C 10 orë më parë
Trump scammed the Mexican tax payers
RustyBoysGaming 10 orë më parë
dozens of women are raped every day because smugglers have a viable trade due to inadequate border security. IE if you don't want a border wall, dont pretend you are pro womens rights or anti rape or human trafficking or child trafficking or anti overdose because your voice is keeping their markets alive.
Cpt.Grimsdale Nemo
Cpt.Grimsdale Nemo 10 orë më parë
They literally stopped construction. How would they figuratively stop construction? They could have built a greenhouse wall instead.
London 11 orë më parë
Where is this place, so migrants know where to cross ?
1ronin 12 orë më parë
Cool, unfettered illegal immigration.
Mike Morgan
Mike Morgan 12 orë më parë
The really stupid thing is that much of those unconstructed sections have already been paid for. So Biden cavalierly throws away our tax money so that a problem can continue to fester.
Shednut 13 orë më parë
Democrats are evil
Ben Shafer
Ben Shafer 13 orë më parë
wily wascal
wily wascal 13 orë më parë
Trump's boondoggle to appeal to racists and xenophobes: Billions in taxpayer money wasted to provide only the illusion of security, a "wall" easily breached by ladders, ropes, a hacksaw or cordless Sawzall, or simply scaling.
Tom Goddard
Tom Goddard 14 orë më parë
Ralph Hüttner
Ralph Hüttner 14 orë më parë
I was born in east Germany... This is so stupid...
Jeffery Hurley
Jeffery Hurley 14 orë më parë
That's what trump does, fuc
Don Jarrett
Don Jarrett 14 orë më parë
Looks like a good road there, the coyotes can use a grayhound bus now to bring them over set up a Toca bell and serve beer and ticoluea.
EL CHE Randy
EL CHE Randy 15 orë më parë
Thousands jobs gone !!! Thanks Biden n Democ-Ratas
Paul 15 orë më parë
Where did they dig up that dirty hipster?
Min etlaV
Min etlaV 15 orë më parë
Legend say Trump is still building those wall
best best
best best 15 orë më parë
Steven Bannon looted almost half of the money meant for the fence😃
best best
best best 16 orë më parë
50 billion dollars wall that Mexicans are climbing through with $50 ladder😃
Jose Marcelo Guansing jr.
Jose Marcelo Guansing jr. 16 orë më parë
Fake news media at it again. Wait for 2024
Daniel Griffin
Daniel Griffin 16 orë më parë
Finish the wall Arizona needs the wall stop all the illegal activities at our border making Arizona safe
George Hays
George Hays 16 orë më parë
What a total waste. Trump is a stable genius alright.
LooneyTunez 16 orë më parë
and when it was being built the Clinton News Network aka CNN pushed fake news stories about the border while trying to drag Trump through the dirt. Where's all the reporting on the border now?
Tony Mu
Tony Mu 16 orë më parë
The cartels are celebrating
Sam Stanley
Sam Stanley 17 orë më parë
What a beautiful site!
Sun Flower
Sun Flower 17 orë më parë
It’s ok. After all, the money is from the tax payer.
roger waters
roger waters 17 orë më parë
For over 40 years members of congress have placed their right hand on the bible and have sworn to enforce and protect the laws of the US. If congress would have enforced the immigration laws it passed the border wall never needed to be built.
roger waters
roger waters 17 orë më parë
Why spend billions on the Department of Homeland Security?
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez 17 orë më parë
Walls, fences, rivers, people don't give a f. They will make it here one way or another. Keep building your wall and spending billions...all that shit isn't doing anything to stop them.
josue ponce
josue ponce 17 orë më parë
How much was the pay last time when they where hiring people to build the wall .I saw it was $96.00 an hour is the still stands .
Richie Ayotte
Richie Ayotte 18 orë më parë
Save the children
Jeremy Ling
Jeremy Ling 18 orë më parë
Should have outsourced the building of the wall to China because they have tons of experience building it. Besides, if it failed to keep unwanted people out, at least it can become a tourist attraction and generate income and not go to waste.
Mercury 18 orë më parë
Lmao now watch them waste Money on destroying it to look better
cecilia kilgour
cecilia kilgour 18 orë më parë
Start planting saguaros on the road and other cacti. It is illegal to cut down saguaros in Arizona.
Zeus Raven
Zeus Raven 18 orë më parë
ConMan trump lied 🤥 and didn’t build any wall ... All he did was put up some see through metal fence ...
Phm Hernandez
Phm Hernandez 18 orë më parë
The walls always been a there during the Bush era
Aaron E
Aaron E 19 orë më parë
Wall of paranoia! THANK YOU PRESIDENT BIDEN for ending building of this cowards wall!!!!
Dead King in Hell
Dead King in Hell 19 orë më parë
My tax money 😭
Daniel Ee
Daniel Ee 19 orë më parë
Trump also cheated the people about the wall. During his rallies, he very proudly boasted that it will be a concrete wall. Er there's nothing very concrete about it. And somebody is getting money and giving kickbacks to Trump for constructing a wall for the sake of constructing a useless uncompleted wall.
Moanilehua Jansson
Moanilehua Jansson 19 orë më parë
area 51 stuff...
Moanilehua Jansson
Moanilehua Jansson 19 orë më parë
SF Chong
SF Chong 19 orë më parë
Use that money fight poverty, homeless is much better
CHEETOS HOTFRIES 20 orë më parë
Have trumptards pay for those contracts
Gus Posey
Gus Posey 21 orë më parë
One of the stupidest ideas in American history.
void 21 orë më parë
Just finish the wall
Zach Evaristi
Zach Evaristi 22 orë më parë
I love the wall actually, I was hoping they will destroy a little bit more of that ugly nature but hey we don't always get everything we wish for tho
Pastor Jackson Mutie
Pastor Jackson Mutie 22 orë më parë
'Trumps Border wall?", that is very stupid! You should be talking about the need to finish the wall!
Antonio Go
Antonio Go 22 orë më parë
bcos trump is the stupidest president of us who wasted us peoples money built unnessaty us - mexico border wall no matter what kind of wall built human still can cross.. heh heh now so much lefted and wasted.. and still unfinish up to now..
Thomas Chin
Thomas Chin 22 orë më parë
Trying to make do another look alike "Great Wall" of China? 😂
Thomas Chin
Thomas Chin 22 orë më parë
What's Trump's commission?
Shubham 514
Shubham 514 23 orë më parë
Why were they opposing the construction of fence on borders. It's normal
wilfred gismundo
wilfred gismundo 23 orë më parë
Building the US Border Wall has more advantages than no wall -- to protect americans from drugs. Remember that americans are the most vulnerable when it comes to drugs, the country is the capital of drug addicts in the world. Probably, half of americans (including politicians) have tasted addictive drugs, especially when their american dreams become illusive.
Antisocial HumanisT
Antisocial HumanisT 23 orë më parë
That wall was one of the dumbest wasteful things I have seen in my lifetime. Only a certain type of idiot supported that wall.
JANNAH MUHAMMAD 23 orë më parë
Andy Pozuelos
Andy Pozuelos Ditë më parë
Build it
Steven Soo
Steven Soo Ditë më parë
Trump insane fence is a failure and total waste.
your mom
your mom Ditë më parë
What CNN isn't telling you is that it's costing tax payers $4 million dollars a day because it's a paid for government contract! Democrats are letting drug smugglers and human trafficking thru the down wall end and why else would they stop the building?? To save money lol hilarious
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