Men with badges tried to stop CNN reporter, but they weren't police

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CNN's Kyung Lah examines the ongoing Republican election audit of the 2020 ballots from Arizona's largest county.
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Javier Montes
Javier Montes 11 minuta më parë
So y do u guys have a problem with the audit just let them count
mhandara Singh
mhandara Singh Orë më parë
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Jang Les
Jang Les Orë më parë
That's ok because CNN aren't really reporters. How daft can you be?
Wait! WHAT? Ok!
Wait! WHAT? Ok! 2 orë më parë
@Anderson Cooper @CNN How did Arizona right after the election Audit the Machines twice? Without the Admin Password!
Tracy Young
Tracy Young 2 orë më parë
This is not a legal way to recount votes. They are secretive. An excuse of cheater chrump to prove his lies with lies. He. Is determined to lead an insurrection to invade our govt for putin . they are the first horses asses in the bible. To divide and conquer. To cause many deaths will be next. PUT TRUMP IN PRISON ASAP OR. HE WILL KEEP CAUSING UNJUSTIFIED STUPIDITY TO. RUN OVER US.
Iggynotpop 2 orë më parë
When AZ drops the rest of the contested states will follow. There are 9 cameras set up on a 24 hour feed. This report doesn't expose any fraud that is allegedly happening.
Skyrocketcoast 3 orë më parë
Quanon +Arizona Elected Republican = Cyber Ninjas for another Unnecessary vote audit!
Jugoslav Kostic
Jugoslav Kostic 3 orë më parë
Why is CNN so Concerned so much and scared OAN is streaming the audit I think you guys are very scared.
Alex Delarge
Alex Delarge 3 orë më parë
Psychotic MAGA lunatics ruining America.
Lawrence Shirley
Lawrence Shirley 3 orë më parë
I don't see anything wrong with auditing elections, especially when no audits were permitted shortly after the election. A "forensic audit" is simply a way to put an end to any questions about the validity of an election. While the election is occurring, there is a rush by all involved to reach a conclusion as soon as possible. A forensic audit is a process which should not be rushed and should be accurate to 99.99% or better. Even the notion of "dimpled chads" and other similar difficulties of properly counting votes should be be brought to light by the forensic audit. The forensic audit should not be political in nature, but rather factually based upon the need of the people to have clarification on what (if any) voter irregularities occurred during the election process. No system is generally foolproof when there are so many ways to get around the system. Voting systems may be "fudged" by many techniques not detectable by simple observation. This is not to say that "fudged votes" are not valid, but rather that they may not be valid and additional inspection is needed to ensure their every valid vote is correctly recorded.
Sean Mastro
Sean Mastro 4 orë më parë
"Two parties who are functioning, and who are responsible.." ~ Anderson Cooper. Exactly!! If you believe you won, then you have nothing to fear, its all on complete video. Democracy is about your two party system having their satisfaction on the validity of the vote. Let it play out. So many felt blocked on the actual vote count by the democrats, that, again, you are confident you won. nothing to fear.
Mamadou Sene
Mamadou Sene 5 orë më parë
Cyber Ninja??? 😆 🤣
stephen Crabb
stephen Crabb 6 orë më parë
Maybe the uv lights are looking for bamboo paper from china
stephen Crabb
stephen Crabb 6 orë më parë
Your so scared what have you to hide?
stephen Crabb
stephen Crabb 6 orë më parë
We will find out you cheated
John Corboy
John Corboy 6 orë më parë
Democracy at its finest no different to Communism at its finest... money ... power
Tammy Orton
Tammy Orton 7 orë më parë
When CNN belittles trained Volunteers.......shame on CNN!!!! The modern-day Arizona Rangers are an unpaid, all volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3), law enforcement support and assistance civilian auxiliary in the State of Arizona who work cooperatively at the request of and under the direction, control, and supervision of established federal, state, or local law enforcement officials and officers. They also provide support to youth and youth activities throughout the State, while providing support to civic and community organizations and work to preserve the tradition, honor, and history of the 1901-1909 Arizona Rangers. Today’s Arizona Rangers receive extensive training and are well prepared to assist and supplement law enforcement when called upon. CNN- Are you going to attack Volunteer Fire Department's next?????
Kathy Byers
Kathy Byers 7 orë më parë
Why are you so concerned with the Audit . when it is done they will call a press release. There are enough democrats , republicans and independents overseeing this process. They do not need you or your input.
Nathan Dundore
Nathan Dundore 8 orë më parë
Jesus is coming soon. Please be ready.
Health talk
Health talk 8 orë më parë
hahahahahaah now show us a western movie. or another false entertainment report.
Brick Man
Brick Man 8 orë më parë
There like "dollar store Nazis". Not the real thing, "but they wish they were".
brandy curry
brandy curry 8 orë më parë
The "volunteers" are all Trump supporters and the cops are fake..... I wonder if anyone will beleive their results.
Corrynthia I AM aka C I A
Corrynthia I AM aka C I A 9 orë më parë
This is not only SAD, but disturbing! Doing the election they wanted the votes to STOP being counted in Ga, but CONTINUE the count in Az. Now they are being "auditing" by ONLY Republicans...SMH.. Ray Charles can see thru this BS. And he's dead & blind.
Geoff Dein
Geoff Dein 9 orë më parë
No, what they are doing is looking for f. Raud. That’s not a recount. There has been a suspected crime committed and you represent part of the criminal network. Knock the credibility if you want, but clarity and honesty isn’t a disease. Let the forensic audit go ahead. It’s truth you’re after yea? You have fished on Trump for years. Now it’s their turn. I do not expect you to squeal so loudly. Crazy carnival arrives same day as CNN. Let’s call it poetic
Michelle Leathers
Michelle Leathers 9 orë më parë
Lol. The media in this country puts Pravda to shame.
Elizabeth Henning
Elizabeth Henning 9 orë më parë
The right-wing media, anyway
Ejim Kelly
Ejim Kelly 9 orë më parë
cnn is fake news and the people kno it
V is Neversilent
V is Neversilent 10 orë më parë
CHEATERS NEVER PROSPER // We WANT Open, Honest elections ... Why hide ANYTHING or keep truth from public?? We need to WELCOME AUDIT process ... results of a simple recount ---not a secret if it is not a secret // IF you are TRULY a WINNER -- Counting again is a GOOD THING. Public confidence is priority//
Elizabeth Henning
Elizabeth Henning 9 orë më parë
🙄 Because when Biden wins this ridiculous recount also, all the crazy Trumpers will suddenly decide that they were wrong.
Chip D
Chip D 11 orë më parë
If the CyberNinjas gave them an explanation, where is it? Why not tell us what it is? I'm also curious; if US and AZ law requires retention of the ballots for 22 or 24 months, what was the law's intent? Is CNN so stupid, they don't get that the legal intent was to allow for an audit? To provide the evidence for an audit? How was the previous recount done? Did they review each and every ballot, or did they just rescan them, without actually looking at them? I don't know about you, but I don't trust computer scanners completely. I always check my receipt at a supermarket, so why are Democrats so afraid of someone looking at the ballots again. If they are right, there is nothing to see. But we know, don't we?
Stephen Sullivan
Stephen Sullivan 12 orë më parë
Biden the fake
Stephen Sullivan
Stephen Sullivan 12 orë më parë
Lying cnn hahaha
Stephen Sullivan
Stephen Sullivan 12 orë më parë
Cnn looking worried
madree p
madree p 12 orë më parë
Every time I see stuff like this it makes me want to hit myself with a brick for thinking it would be a good idea to move there. Most of my family is there and my doctor who treats my complex medical condition moved his practice there but I'm not prepared to deal with the people. I'm Black and what many people don't realize that most Black people are conservative by nature. But we usually aren't Republican. I live a somewhat conservative life, my personal values are very traditional, but politically I lean left. I am not a liberal but my views of the world are. As long as someone else's life does not cause danger to mine I don't care how they live. The great thing about America is the right to choose and I stand behind that. But because of this past year I have a negative view of those who support the Republican party because of what the party represents. And Arizona is a whole state of Republicans. I worry about what kind of life we will have there and whether my teenage son will be safe.
J Mink
J Mink 13 orë më parë
Cyber Ninjas?! WOW!!! The cookoos are out! UV lights?!?! Arizona, you are off the deep end!!!!
Elysa M
Elysa M 13 orë më parë
Incredulous! This is illegal & immoral and is making a complete mockery of the voting process. All of these disgustingly brazen efforts to deprive whole groups of people of the basic right to vote. The Republican party is working so hard to strip "Democracy" out of every aspect of this society.
Will Cutz
Will Cutz 13 orë më parë
Oh cnn can you just stop pretending to report news. This is just so funny.
Super Mushroomario Jenkins
Super Mushroomario Jenkins 13 orë më parë
LOL I know the media has become more impartial in the news at times, but it still blows me away to hear someone say they don't trust....CNN, really??
William Kimmons
William Kimmons 14 orë më parë
CNN is fake news
Monica Matos
Monica Matos 14 orë më parë
I think teachers should use this moment to teach their students about accepting loss and move on.
DodoBirdie 14 orë më parë
"What are the UV lights for?" Well, they're there to make this wackadoo fake bs look more official lol These people are out of control.
Accutronitis The 2nd
Accutronitis The 2nd 15 orë më parë
‘Sham’ AZ Audit...
precise mind
precise mind 15 orë më parë
If there's nothing to worry about, let them do their job and move on. Those who have something to hide scream the loudest. We all know Biden didn't win Arizona. Unless you're a complete and utter fool.
502 is watching you
502 is watching you 15 orë më parë
They know the election was stolen. There is a water mark on the ballots that the dumb demorats didn't know Republicans were putting on the paper.
Elizabeth Henning
Elizabeth Henning 9 orë më parë
Um, no.
Alexander Gonsales
Alexander Gonsales 15 orë më parë
We all know Trump was trying to steal the election or back fired lol 😆😅😆🤣😆 go home my ninjas
Alexander Gonsales
Alexander Gonsales 15 orë më parë
I'll bet ya them fake cops where at the state capital who's paying for this count?
DJolympusMons 16 orë më parë
Instead of bringing up oan you should just have fart sounds playing because that is basically the equivalent of what you said
DJolympusMons 16 orë më parë
Oan had nothing to do with the story. Why these people don't want to talk to you is because Arizona voted for trump.
Matthew Behne
Matthew Behne 17 orë më parë
I just can't. It's the Linton news network
MC CG 17 orë më parë
I hope the money for that audit is comming from the pockets of the ones who wanted it so bad. and not from tax payers... hope its not a scam.
Fritz Haselnuss
Fritz Haselnuss 17 orë më parë
wow...I wonder why the government and you know....THE LAW isnt cracking down on these folks
Larry Ehrlich
Larry Ehrlich 17 orë më parë
Of course President Trump won the election. Because you people have no moral stole the election via the mail in ballots. When the mail in ballots were allowed before the election...I knew President Trump would loose this election. The Dem's have no internal moral compass...sad. But, they will have to answer to their maker after their death...may they burn in hell. If you did illegal mail in ballots...turn yourself in and your maker will not make you burn in hell. Don't turn yourself in and pay the price to burn in hell...your choice.
Xi Mingze
Xi Mingze 18 orë më parë
I used to trust cnn, but i see it caught red hand exposed about the election fraud. I like medias it has a. Neutral stand on election, not one side
Jahvi Jah
Jahvi Jah 18 orë më parë
Sad white life 🧬
frinton adams
frinton adams 19 orë më parë
If the vote had not been won by sleepy with dead and stolen votes this kinda Tom foolery would not happen SO STOP CHEATING with dumping votes and dodgy postal votes, no point recounting fiddled votes the answer is always the same , silly Billy dems
AbbeyRoad52 19 orë më parë
For some balanced bipartisan opinion let's go to Cindy McCain...🙄🙄🙄
Pat Maurer
Pat Maurer 19 orë më parë
The idea that armed, private people are restricting the legal movement and activities of the press is shocking and disturbing! How are these people patriots yet they are oppressing their fellow citizens?! I hope the ACTUAL law enforcement educates these people who are impersonating them >:-/
Tammy Orton
Tammy Orton 7 orë më parë
Are you stating..... The "Volunteer" Fire Department Impersonates The "Real" Fire Department? Have you looked up who the Rangers are? The modern-day Arizona Rangers are an unpaid, all volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3), law enforcement support and assistance civilian auxiliary in the State of Arizona who work cooperatively at the request of and under the direction, control, and supervision of established federal, state, or local law enforcement officials and officers. They also provide support to youth and youth activities throughout the State, while providing support to civic and community organizations and work to preserve the tradition, honor, and history of the 1901-1909 Arizona Rangers. Today’s Arizona Rangers receive extensive training and are well prepared to assist and supplement law enforcement when called upon. I can't believe CNN doesn't know these things. Maybe CNN should have researched the Rangers BEFORE criticizing them.
AbbeyRoad52 19 orë më parë
"It has to be about representing all otters" Wrong, it has to be about representing all LEGAL voters.
Marc T
Marc T 19 orë më parë
Anyone see the similarities with 1930's German socialists?
Vermont Aviator
Vermont Aviator 19 orë më parë
Vermont Aviator
Vermont Aviator 19 orë më parë
D Youngman
D Youngman 19 orë më parë
I trust a German shepherd with rabies more than I trust CNN
Your Mom
Your Mom 20 orë më parë
F cnn
Your Mom
Your Mom 20 orë më parë
He should have used his night stick on CNN
Samuel Lacks
Samuel Lacks 21 orë më parë
Somebody please stop this hung up stereo. How long will this keep going on. If ya found enough ballets to fill the Atlantic it won t change a thing. If the engines broke replacing the tires won t help. Why do ya think the very ones we put in office came up with the electorial college. And made voting laws in a flavor they only liked. Ever wonder what those in other countries that use to respect our ways and us. I hear snickering. Anyone else?
SC 22 orë më parë
Trump supporters counting ballots. This seems legit...
Lola Lee
Lola Lee 22 orë më parë
Why the FOX are these cHump’s idiots still counting ballots? Can we trust these idiots alone with those ballots?
Larry Lamb
Larry Lamb 23 orë më parë
All I can say is what the REPUGS said after Hillary lost to Trump ,"GET OVER IT ,YOU LOST ! "
your mom
your mom 23 orë më parë
Who cares and when BLM blocks roads and burns down thier own communities. CNN gets denied everywhere because no one trust them after they cut and edit the video
Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn Ditë më parë
Who cares I would stop CNN anytime, those losers
1ronin Ditë më parë
They didn't say that they were police.
Kenneth Varela
Kenneth Varela Ditë më parë
Probably the rides got there at the same time she showed up. Non reporters but just bias actors
Brian Tierney
Brian Tierney Ditë më parë
Connie Shelp
Connie Shelp Ditë më parë
It isn't a tally. It is a forensic audit....
Connie Shelp
Connie Shelp Ditë më parë
Unnamed sources again!!!
Grague Sukoff
Grague Sukoff Ditë më parë
CNN's massive manipulation and outright fraud on reporting this story is not staggering, it's typical fake news.
Antonius Hermanus
Antonius Hermanus Ditë më parë
Payback time😆
Maxx Sporty
Maxx Sporty Ditë më parë
The big lie is that you call yourself to a journalist . What went through her mind wow this is how the replicas must have felt
Maxx Sporty
Maxx Sporty Ditë më parë
Spit it out Anderson you doush
Maxx Sporty
Maxx Sporty Ditë më parë
It's called forensics
Geneva Bullard
Geneva Bullard Ditë më parë
safety first in texas
safety first in texas Ditë më parë
The cant turn over the administrative password for the machines BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE IT!
Brian Kreger
Brian Kreger Ditë më parë
CNN is absolutely worthless. Interview John brakey, he is none trump supporter that is running the audit in Arizona. CNN is definitely bias propaganda.
Brian Kreger
Brian Kreger 8 orë më parë
Sounds like he being thorough. Lol
Elizabeth Henning
Elizabeth Henning 9 orë më parë
He's a wacko looking for bamboo in the paper because he thinks the ballots were flown in from China.
Clay Coburn
Clay Coburn Ditë më parë
Why you Dems so afraid of an audit to check the integrity of an election and to help prevent fraud of the next election.
Elizabeth Henning
Elizabeth Henning 9 orë më parë
There already was an audit, as required by Arizona state law. This is a hyperpartisan fishing expedition being conducted by incompetent Trump stooges.
Vance Morton
Vance Morton Ditë më parë
Monochrome Ditë më parë
I swear.. everyone has a book these days....
Cullen Scott
Cullen Scott Ditë më parë
Yes he did accaly Winn The realection And it was leagaly And thats The Truth of The matter of fact.
Cullen Scott
Cullen Scott Ditë më parë
Anderson i Hope that they cancel you guys And thats The Truth of The matter of fact And Trump actually did when the election frauds .
C Marz
C Marz Ditë më parë
This is the scripts for The Handmaid's Tale
o wuvek
o wuvek Ditë më parë
Opinion: Democrats admit this Maricopa audit will lead to more in other counties. This means auditors will find fraud and cheating in Maricopa county and therefore likely in other suspect counties. An auditor in Michigan has already proven voting machines with it's county software, was capable of taking votes from Trump and giving them to Biden. It was done, and the machine can fake an audit which does not match the actual This cheating by official voting machine capability was conclusively proved in a public demonstratiom. The big lie is the election. Democrats are defecating in fear hence their apoplexy in opposing an independent expert audit.
Elizabeth Henning
Elizabeth Henning 9 orë më parë
Not even a little. Biden is president and he will remain president, because he won the election.
BWeav10 Ditë më parë
CNN sounds scared, this recount will likely bear fruit.
Msgt D Oorah
Msgt D Oorah Ditë më parë
Msgt D Oorah : May 06, 2021 UPDATE "STOP SHADOW BANNING US.......DAMIT" Deep state WAS government; and dark cult culture (still being destroyed). Balance is coming; bring people to justice; we demand justice. People will be called out for everything they did. YOU know who YOU are. "We know who you are" You Hate Not Knowing What is Coming. Be Afraid you who caused the Horror of the Children screaming in pain than Scarified, Torched by occult, Sleep well and dream. G'D Final Justice. G'D his number is Seventeen✝ ☠NAZISM OCCULT DEEPSTATE is no more used to have control and ruling these DEMONRATS with GOP TRAITORS ALL. They are FASCISE SOCIALIST, THEY FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE CCP (Chinese communist party). The unfaithful SINNERS agencies of NIH/BLM/ FBI/CIA/NSA/FEMA- NEW DEATHCAMPS THE CONGRESS THE SENATE: DOJ = DEPT. OF NO JUSTICE. ALL are saying lies, the blood lines, elites, officials, bankers, etc. DEMONRATS NO STANDARDS AT ALL... DO NOT BELIEVE THE FAKE soulless Media they are all Afraid. LOST was the VOICE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, STAND up: Warriors of G'D got this. WE BELIEVE IN G'D HIS WORD RULES You soulless collaborators fake Lier's Media: D.I.S.C. (Distributive Idea Suppression Complex) TRY REPORTING THIS or just COLABORATE YOU WHO WORK FOR THE OCCULT MEDIA : REV.14 The Mark is upon you👺 WHERE ARE you TAKING THE SLAVES. ALL BOARDER CAGED CHILDREN. SLAVES SOLD TO PEDOPHILES. NIH evil agency paying Occult evil. WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN BEING TAKEN AND GOING! Share this message please. They are covid positive and being release into your neighborhoods. ✝G'D WRATH IS HERE HIS JUDGEMENT IS FINAL, WE THE FEW will Enforce His LAW. G'D SONG IS EVERYWHERE., "LISTEN" "✝ALL THE CHILDREN ARE NOT FOR SALE, NOR SLAVERY, NOR TRAFFICKING, NOR SACRIFING.✝" Watch the Movie, by Juan O Savin: ✝Sound of Freedom✝ Pedophilia around the World. STOP the occult media's D.I.S.C. ✝ALL CHILDREN ARE NOT FOR SALE; NOR SLAVERY; NOR SACRIFICE ­✝ THE WORLD MUST WAKE UP OUR MESSAGE IS ALL ABOUT THE ✝💖CHILDREN. " All Our Children WILL NEVER BE ALONG. G'D SPEED PATRIOTS. WWG1WGA!" "Freedom is not Free''' DOMINION OCCULT AI MACHINES are still in use around the world to control elections . The OCCULT CCP has control of all the DEMONrats and GOP TRAITORS. All you collaborators who support the Occult .. Prepare all you sinners, G'D Justice is upon you and OURS!!. FEAR is what make you weak, you know not what is coming for you! Righteous ones believe in yourself. We The Few. Are fighting Demonrats in the EVIL OCCULT DUMPS in DC underground. Do not believe the FAKE news. PROTECT your Children/your People. Be Calm. Pray for the Good Children of the Earth. We Believe in G'D and his WORD/LAW we all Follow, Warriors Will protect you all. We Believe and keep fighting for FREEDOM & JUSTICE. Justice is being served, believe. FREE WILL is your strength. Demonrats WAKE UP. MAYBE NEVER see the light truth, feel G'D love. See what your Horror and Hate have done to the innocents. ✝THAT WE WITNESSED. Investigate this information and release it to the world, {INVESTIGATE : NIH AND FUNDING OF COVID RESEARCH IN CHINA}, if you care to, { Project Veritas saying "Be Brave Do Something"}✝
Msgt D Oorah
Msgt D Oorah Ditë më parë
Duchess A.
Duchess A. Ditë më parë
So what did they find???? So, did they find more votes towards Biden's win? 😂🤣😂 Whoever made this recount audit decision is a total douchebag!
B Babbich
B Babbich Ditë më parë
Cowboy cosplay with toy badges showing up in an old ass Lincoln was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!
Shawn Ditë më parë
It's FUNNY. As a AZ Native - this is all planned. In my 40+ years there has never been a Carnival in May at the FairGrounds. Even as a Native... it's HOT LOL. Makes me realize how fake CNN is (& most if not all media)
Daniel Washington
Daniel Washington Ditë më parë
If dems were on the 'up & up' during election-there shouldn't BE a problem of an audit.
Terry H
Terry H Ditë më parë
what a sham.. i hope the DOJ investigates the judge who gave these charlatans the, I would say illegal, control over the ballots... counting in a secret, partisan, non public way??? with clowns wearing badges who think they are rangers or police??? jezuz h christ the USA has sunk below the waves.. disgusting
CruzinThru 828
CruzinThru 828 Ditë më parë
"Advisors" say... oh really? ... Please Name these "Advisors". What he means to say is... "CNN has Invented" the story that Trump is Fixated on 2020 Recount. Just like 1000+ Other Stories they have invented over the past 5 years, ans claimed "Anonymous Sources". (are you people really So Stupid that you actually Believe the CNN Propaganda?) ... lol
CruzinThru 828
CruzinThru 828 Ditë më parë
@Steven Ratti - I think you have it Mirror Backwards... Maybe you should spend less time looking in the Mirror, and more time searching for the Truth... which you will Never get from CNN... I can easily think of a dozen things off the top of my head, which Trump did that made him a Great President. Please tell me even One Thing that Biden has done in his first 100 days that was "Good for the People" of this Country. Not Good for his Socialist Backers, or the Swamp in Congress or the Chinese who Own him... but the "People". Please tell me, as I would love to here it. :>)
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti Ditë më parë
It's simple. CNN, unlike conservative propaganda channels, is telling the truth, but Trump followers have been programmed to believe that truth is fiction, and fiction truth. One fiction is that Trump was a great President, as a for instance, when all of the evidence shows exactly the opposite. Another truth is that Trump actually believes he won the election, despite there being literally no evidence of that belief. The 2020 election was, despite conservative propaganda to the contrary, a free and fair one, as proven by every court and federal agency to have investigated the matter.
L.A Addicks
L.A Addicks Ditë më parë
Communism new network reaching and grasping straws climbing out of hell to hold onto their stealing.
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti Ditë më parë
The only people involved in theft are Republicans, who, with their attempts to overthrow the government on January 6th, have proven that their party is not an American party. The simple fact is, Trump is a failed autocrat who worshiped Vladimir Putin, and loved (his words) Kim Jong Un, and respected President Xi. Trump stated, over and over, that he was not bound by the Constitution or its clauses. He remains the only President to have been impeached Twice, and who Still doesn't have the guts to admit he lost an election, even despite the fact that he tried his best to rig it in his favor.
Tony Taylor
Tony Taylor Ditë më parë
CNN is a joke. All mainstream media is bias but CNN is by far the worst. They twist and spin everything. The guy from project varitas has put out several uncut videos where CNN reporters admitted they push democratic stories and avoid and manipulate videos to discredit conservative stories.
Tony Taylor
Tony Taylor Ditë më parë
@Steven Ratti First off CNN has been proven wrong multiple times. No they don't admit it. And when the do it's in passing and the end of the segment it's printed in the credits. Second only reason I mentioned project varitas is because the fact is their videos are real and uncut and not manipulated which was proven in a recent court case in which CNN stated that they are an opinion based. ( By the way they won their case) Third I'm not a conservative and definitely not a Trumpet. I'm libertarian. Finally I look at all media then I research everything they say. As I mentioned earlier "ALL MAINSTREAM MEDIA" is biased. That said CNN is by far the worst. If you get your head out their a$$ and stop drinking the coolade start researching stuff for yourself you'd know that.
Steven Ratti
Steven Ratti Ditë më parë
Why is it that Trumpites are always bringing up "Project Veritas," which is a group of propagandists? There are no reliable radical right news channels, because none of them are fact checked, which is, of course, the case with all other news channels. Mainstream media is all checked for facts, and when they are wrong, they admit to it, apologize, and move on. They don't keep repeating the same debunked myths ad nauseum. One myth that the radical right pushes is that CNN is "fake news," which is a term that Trump admitted he invented as a way to discredit those news channels that told the truth about him.
Christel Headington
Christel Headington Ditë më parë
On CSI didn't they use UV lights to look for bodily fluids ? What are they doing in there?
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BARDHI - LOT (Prod Çelik Lipa)
Shikime 4,5 mln
Gold AG & Adem Ramadani - Era Ramazan
World’s Largest Lighter!
Beast Reacts
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Fifi ft Bruno - Fiksim (Kenga Magjike 2021)
Capital T - RRUSHE
Capital T
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