Burnett: If you thought you’d heard it all, listen to this statement

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CNN's Erin Burnett discusses the war inside the GOP between conservatives like Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) versus former President Donald Trump, as he continues to push the lie that the 2020 election was stolen.
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John Kochen
John Kochen 5 minuta më parë
I always advocated that the progressives need to get out of the Democratic Party and start their own if they want to get a real chance with the electorate. The same holds true for the independent conservatives like Cheney and Romney. The traditional parties are poison for people who hold true political convictions and need to be free from the stranglehold of donors and personality cults.
Carol Wilson
Carol Wilson 8 minuta më parë
Trump is on a big lie loop like a spoil brat child.😡
Wait! WHAT? Ok!
Wait! WHAT? Ok! 8 minuta më parë
@Erin Burnett After the Election Arizona supposedly did 2 machine Audit's! The thing I don't get! Is how did they do that, Without the Admin Password? Could you Please Educate us! Thx!
Britt Albach
Britt Albach 32 minuta më parë
what democracy ???
thetribber 40 minuta më parë
CNN propagating lies and projecting on Trump!
michael tucker
michael tucker 51 minutë më parë
The election was stolen and the whole world knows it.
Liam Taggart
Liam Taggart 54 minuta më parë
Not only does Trump look pathetic,he is the personification of pathetic 🇮🇪
Will Storm
Will Storm Orë më parë
After the trump era seeing a Republican fall should have a taste of fairness about it but for one to fall simply because they told the truth about trump losing is disquieting. By getting rid of Cheney for her truth telling is however another sign of whats to come for them. trump lost and nothing can make it go away.
aembusiness Orë më parë
The election is stolen! China helped Biden rig the election it’s obvious af.
Sarah Wall
Sarah Wall Orë më parë
What’s rich is that this, Donald Trump or someone like him, has been in the Republican playbook for the last 50 years and Ms Cheney’s dad did his best to help it along.
William Williamson
William Williamson Orë më parë
You people are always fooled be the underdogs of the world. Learn. Listen. Do not speak as if you know all. Pride be for the fall. But some drowned in the puddle face down because they can’t give up what they have but time into instead of catching them selfs and saying. What. If. I’m. Wrong.
Scentless Scents
Scentless Scents Orë më parë
She needs to go, she is traitor.
Scentless Scents
Scentless Scents Orë më parë
Trump was always right! Hydroxychloroquine saved millions of lives.
Scentless Scents
Scentless Scents Orë më parë
Trump will be President again after the audit.. facts do matter.. BLM= BLACK LIGHTS MATTER
Scentless Scents
Scentless Scents Orë më parë
THE BIG LIE. absolutely the truth, she would have mo knowledge if it was or was not. She wrong
Michael Ellington
Michael Ellington Orë më parë
Lucienne Taylor
Lucienne Taylor Orë më parë
That's what narsisist do!
john doney
john doney Orë më parë
It is not good to air opinion as if it is actual fact. Drive by media you should tone down your rhetoric, objective reporting lets people form their own perspective. Also if you would examine liberal run cities you might be surprised at how badly Democrats lead! liberalism always leads to socialism/communism which never has succeded for very long! As a point of interest and curiosity you might check out this site OPEN THE BOOKS.COM. These people follow the money, and make state comptrollers show where the money comes from, and where it is spent. They remind us that the government needs to be afraid of it`s citizens because they rule by our permission. Oh by the way OPEN THE BOOKS . COM is a conservative watchdog working to expose corruption wherever it is found. CHECK IT OUT
Shawn Keener
Shawn Keener Orë më parë
The lie is a powerful tool that's why lying is one of the 7 things God hates. Truth will prevail in the long run. Don't worry God will have his vengeance on all the unbelievers..Remember to love your enemies, and those who persecute you.
Cathy Burns
Cathy Burns 2 orë më parë
Fake news
5THEGIRLZ 2 orë më parë
Donald is NOT a patriot. He's a TRAITOR!!! He LOST the POTUS election of 2020, plain and simple. He's out of office, and he will NEVER occupy the White House again in any capacity. The Republican Party are a disgracefully supporting a lying former fake POTUS, for the sake of winning in the future. They're in for a RUDE election chastening in 2022. GOD HELP OUR NATION.
David Anderson
David Anderson 3 orë më parë
Greg Rought
Greg Rought 3 orë më parë
CNN sucks. Propaganda.!!!!!!
JR Namida
JR Namida 3 orë më parë
I think his display of hereditary Dementia is becoming to common...
Gideon Harmse
Gideon Harmse 3 orë më parë
Bunnet, cnn fnews why r u not reporting about what's happening in Middle East, you have been on Pres DT for past 6yrs get live. There is only One Way that's The Truth
Shane Bracewell
Shane Bracewell 3 orë më parë
They worship the " Cheeto Jesus" Thank you God for giving me decerment and common sense!!!
Iggynotpop 3 orë më parë
When AZ drops all the other contested states will drop.
Madison Carpenter
Madison Carpenter 4 orë më parë
The big lie, is anyone believing Biden is running anything 🤣🤣
reallyAZ nokidding
reallyAZ nokidding 4 orë më parë
The situation reminds me of part of the new testament, regarding how some guy called Jesus was crucified for telling his truth.
Irene Jankowski
Irene Jankowski 4 orë më parë
I love Mic Romney ❤️
Shawn Whalen
Shawn Whalen 4 orë më parë
blahblahbalh blahblahlies blah blahdyblahblah .... This and MORE all brought to you by any and all MSM news outlets! Lap it up sheepies! lol 😅
Scott Smith
Scott Smith 4 orë më parë
The dumbing down of almost half of America. All over a f - reality level personality...SMFH
Lula Martin
Lula Martin 4 orë më parë
She should be commend for telling the truth.People are tired of constant lies.
Nizam Selim
Nizam Selim 4 orë më parë
A President - Donald Trump- who has the following to his credit, and followed by the Republicans and the Republican Party is a recipe for an American disaster. 1) 20,634 lies in 4 years 2) Russian Asset in the White House 3) Collusion with Russia in the 2016 US Elections 4) Obstruction of Justice- the Mueller Report 5) Pressuring Ukraine to find dirt on Joe Biden 6) Subservience to Putin 7) Denigrating the US Intelligence institutions and believing in Putin 8) Working with crooks, criminals and felons- Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon and others in 2016 US Elections engineering 9) Firing FBI Director James Comey for stopping the FBI Investigations into Republican Party's Russian Collusion and reporting compliance to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Kisliack the next day 10) Appointing Rudy Giuliani to collude with Ukraine to find dirt on Joe Biden 11) Appointing Bill Barr as AG to subvert the Mueller Report on his Russian collusion and save his accomplices 12) Causing 450,000 American deaths by COVID-19 due to dereliction of duty 13) Causing Recession, 20.0 million Unemployment and USD 2.0 trillion deficit by his economic policies 14) Alienating allies of the USA, undermining NATO, walking out of the Climate change Paris accord, NAFTA and the Iran Nuclear deal 15) Courting and promoting autocrats in Russia, N. Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and others 16) Making transactional Foreign Policy deals with Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey benefitting himself and Jared Kushner and Mike Pompeo 16) Spreading corruption in his entire Administration 17) Playing the Russian propaganda, playbook and disinformation campaign of the BIG LIE undermining the US Electoral system and process in the 2020 Elections 17) Staging a coup by Insurrection on the Capitol on 6 January to overturn the November 3 Election results and take over the US government 18) Spend 315 days of Golf at Tax Payer's costs in negligence of his duties 19) Make it bid for takeover of the Republican Party by the Russian recruits and purported Russian Agents in the Republican Party.
Kevin Somers
Kevin Somers 4 orë më parë
Cheney shouldn't be part of the republicans. She has class, compassion and morals. Trump's "group" is all about racism, discrimination and lies. What a bunch of pathetic people that would follow and listen to that moron!
Green Nights
Green Nights 5 orë më parë
oh the irony. He calls voter fraud, when the people are just handed another set of puppets every election, incapable of leading and changing anything. Votes change nothing, like the puppets change nothing truly important.
Gary Puckett
Gary Puckett 5 orë më parë
You a loser always have been steal people money been us we be in jail
Wayne T
Wayne T 5 orë më parë
This people all have trump on the brain.
Michelle Jones
Michelle Jones 6 orë më parë
Communist News Network. All lies and nonsense. People who believe the garbage on CNN are stupid or brainwashed
Shane Grass
Shane Grass 6 orë më parë
Michael Archbald
Michael Archbald 6 orë më parë
Wow, basing the future of the GQP on The Big Lie that the former guy and other anti-democracy insurrectionists continue to tout seems like the opposite of planning for the future. History books will be very clear and unable to find a lot of good things to say about the last four years. See, by then nobdody will understand the right's glassy-eyed wonderment about a lying two bit reality star turned carnival barker.
Ms. Vee
Ms. Vee 6 orë më parë
They can't take the turth!!!!
Kalvin Miller
Kalvin Miller 6 orë më parë
Bring Trump back Biden is a fail
Operation Kilo
Operation Kilo 6 orë më parë
CNN needs to stop trying to turn politics into reality TV. Take a hike. Losers
Jeanne H
Jeanne H 6 orë më parë
2016 - the true rigged election - purchased by RUSSIA for donny.
Helen Richardson
Helen Richardson 6 orë më parë
Same talk day after day after day, it's a bad wind that doesn't change !!!
Buster 6 orë më parë
With all due respect It is perplexing that we have locked many notorious elusive dangerous criminals. John Gotti died in prison a forgotten criminal. Why we can we not lock trump with Democrats running the Presidencey, the House and the Senate, perplexing! I wished Garland would expedite getting trump indicted. trump is a grave person and crazy!!! Who can be sane committing the atrocities and graveness this evil person has done to many and will continue to do. trump has an axe to grind on all those that denied his lie, I believe he would even imprison those if he can manage to get his position back!!! It was confirmed by a Republican that the party is no longer the Republicans but a radicalists party under the guise of America First! D.O.J. CAN NOT SPARE ANYMORE MINUTES IN THESE GRAVE TIMES trump IS REGROUPING AND FORTIFYING IN MY OPINION! I wished trump and as many as you made examples of, trump put up in front of a firing squad, I hear South Carolina is bringing it back, if not lock him for life and his enablers in Guantanamo Bay for life, he and his enablers have committed Federal Crimes and should be exiled and treated as treasonous, many have to be made examples of as traitors, lock them up throw away the key!!!
Nixa Miller
Nixa Miller 6 orë më parë
President TRUMP did not lie He did win ! Biden is a joke.
Moriarty 7 orë më parë
I feel sorry for our troops serving in harms way fighting for the safety of this country, Knowing that the democrat left politicians are selling them and their country out. Defund the politicians, term limits, IRS audits on all the civil servant millionaires. Let them explain how you are able to amass millions of dollars on a civil job. Corruption is deep, "A divided corrupt government can not stand." A.L.
Fin O'Suilleabhain
Fin O'Suilleabhain 7 orë më parë
It doesn't help that even she refers to him as "the president". Just say "Trump", with as much contempt as can be injected into a single syllable.
Camille Decarlo
Camille Decarlo 7 orë më parë
Neal White
Neal White 7 orë më parë
With the trump video, all you needed was someone on the drums doing rim shots every time he said something!😢
Laurence Vasquez
Laurence Vasquez 7 orë më parë
Republican Liz Cheney -- if you oppose Donald Trump -- Change your political beliefs, join the Democrats and become part of a team that opposes Donald Trump and his Republican yes-men -- Ted Cruz, Lauren Boebert, Lindsey Graham, Josh Hawley, Kevin Mccarthy -- BAN THEM FROM HOLDING PUBLIC OFFICE. Or America will loose its Democracy to Facist Republicans and become an Authoritarian government.
william higgins
william higgins 8 orë më parë
I never thought that I would say anything remotely like this, the fact of the matter is that Rep.Cheney is without a doubt the only rethuglican that has the absolute courage of her convictions and as much as I despise anyone that supports our former buffoon who occupied the oval office and all the bullshit that he spewed and continues to spew I have nothing but respect and admiration for her. Hopefully the death knell will come soon for the rethuglican party and their disgusting intent to destroy our democracy and their faux patriotism.
.*.*.* 8 orë më parë
agreed trump is now probibly bad for country but democrats are truly wokie worse.
Tony Marin
Tony Marin 8 orë më parë
Those of you commenting/agreeing with Liz having bigger balls than all republican men - if stupidity equals balls How do you people drag yours around????
Tony Marin
Tony Marin 8 orë më parë
Cheney Bush Obama Biden all same can of worthless snakes unless you want to learn to live n speak like they do in China.
Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan 8 orë më parë
You're full of shit where did you go to school
Samuel Keala
Samuel Keala 8 orë më parë
CNN is pos💩💩💩liar we all know the truths
Udntknome XX
Udntknome XX 8 orë më parë
They really need to do an intelligent test before these elections. They are starting to make me feel like my sanity ain't right cuz the stuff GOP's believes is so unbelievable. A white woman speaks her truth AND the truth. So the white men wants to out her. This is democracy?!? Stuff is fcuked
Chrysalis X
Chrysalis X 8 orë më parë
Good for her! You go girl!
J 9 orë më parë
Trump2024 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Drone Scapes
Drone Scapes 9 orë më parë
Stuart Milne
Stuart Milne 9 orë më parë
Hitler mesmerized the masses too with his distorted views on humanity. Many people died as a result of believing that man’s lies. Like Hitler, Trump is still able to convince many people with his lies regardless of the actual proven facts.
Grandpaw Shepdog
Grandpaw Shepdog 9 orë më parë
you all are so full of sh_t.
lou Albino
lou Albino 9 orë më parë
Get rid of her and Romney.
Christiana Kalaitzi
Christiana Kalaitzi 9 orë më parë
So throw out people who arent cult members and allow sexual predators (Matt Gaetz) and Qanon crazies ( Marge Green) to run the GOP into the ground? Sounds like a solid plan to me!!!
lou Albino
lou Albino 9 orë më parë
Yeah but no one batted an eye when Hillary and nasty nacy claimed the 2016 election was stolen. I seriously can't stand liberals.
Main Man
Main Man 10 orë më parë
I'm never surprised by the bullsh!t I see on CNN propaganda network. 😂
ihbarddx 10 orë më parë
The dominant Republican tactic in the last election cycle was to hurl acusations at the Democrats while committing the very same crimes IN PLAIN SIGHT under cover of that accusational misdirection.
Bryan Reeme
Bryan Reeme 10 orë më parë
It's been so refreshing not hearing tRump's BS every day. You all need to get back to reporting news, instead of complicity spreading big lies for those jackals
Eric Gayton
Eric Gayton 11 orë më parë
in his mind he think he's still president 🤣😂😂😂😭
Pernell Parham
Pernell Parham 11 orë më parë
In the video Drumpf mentioned that they found "thousands and thousands and thousands of votes", didn't he lose by millions and millions of votes? Lol
Bryan Wilson
Bryan Wilson 11 orë më parë
I do not care for Republicans!
London 12 orë më parë
She can lie like nothing !
John Connick
John Connick 12 orë më parë
Erin Burrnett and Brianna Keilar are both just brilliant and CNN are so lucky to have 2 very talented broadcasters FACT.
Alexis Artfeild
Alexis Artfeild 12 orë më parë
No no no!! As an elected rep your obligation to the country is FAR greater than one to a fundraising org. If this abandoning of facts and reality for fantasy doesn't stop millions will die.
Well Cabledriller
Well Cabledriller 12 orë më parë
Jessie Jones
Jessie Jones 12 orë më parë
How can you purge the truth. You purge the lies or liars from the Republican party. Kevin McCarthy is an asshole and an opportunist who will use tension to grap a position for himself to become house speaker. If he can't speak truth now what the hell is he going to speak when he's speaker of the house. The Republican party needs a purging.
Keith Shavers Jr
Keith Shavers Jr 12 orë më parë
"For real?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Grumpy Hobbit
Grumpy Hobbit 12 orë më parë
I don't believe in God or the bible or any of that crap but if you were to ask me to describe how the Devil would corrupt the sheep, trump would be pretty much spot on. The irony is those most devout also seem to be the most susceptible to his lies. If there was a God, he is currently losing the fight to the Devil lol
Willie Philpot
Willie Philpot 12 orë më parë
Don't worry, Trump will continue to take their Money as usual.
Victor Ferarum
Victor Ferarum 12 orë më parë
I Remember how much you guys loved her Pops
jon william
jon william 12 orë më parë
All Trump and his followers like Cruz etc. do, is prey on the fears of the weak minded, just like the ads. on TV for certain products. It is a tactic employed by politicians and corporations for centuries, make people fearful of something, say it often and loud and they will start to believe the lie. Well done Liz Cheney and some others for standing up FOR THE TRUTH and for democracy. Trump and his followers are not Americans, they are anti Americans, anti America and anti democracy only out to line their own pockets.
Brian Gray
Brian Gray 12 orë më parë
J. 12 orë më parë
There is no big lie
J. 12 orë më parë
Bye bye Liz
G 12 orë më parë
Why do they keep calling him president just call him trump.
Grace Kamensky
Grace Kamensky 13 orë më parë
If the election wasn’t stolen then give us a full blown forensic audit so the other half of Americans can trust by the election results.
H D 13 orë më parë
Why the desperate attempts to stop the recount in Maricopo County.
TheExpatriotInBangkok 13 orë më parë
The Republican party is garbage now. They stand for nothing. You have to be either stupid or delusional to buy trump's nonsense, and he is still the leader of the party.
Karen Henkels
Karen Henkels 13 orë më parë
It’s was a distraction so his staff could clean house and steal items as He left the White House! I saw a Bust of President Lincoln being removed by on of his staff members. The big STEAL was HIS theft of item taken from the White House. And he urged on on his Minions of Morons.
# hamdale
# hamdale 13 orë më parë
Trump Republicans are seditious traitors
alumpyhorse 13 orë më parë
I resent having to hear that man speak. he is out of office, fair and square, he is now officially the president-reject. Why these idiots are fascinated by this flimflam man is Incomprehensible.
Alex Cruz
Alex Cruz 13 orë më parë
So, if no one else in the GOP makes common cause with Cheney then that means that them all don't recognize the election results?
Alan Vatcher
Alan Vatcher 14 orë më parë
When the 'loyal opposition' is disloyal, we are in a one-party system. A one-party system is unhealthy to a strong republic. It is time to open a casting call for new parties to organize in the USA. (With all the multivarious groups in our US, one or two parties is insufficient.)
CaVe Mánic
CaVe Mánic 14 orë më parë
simple minded content. Same corporations exists doing business Same banks funding wars and crashing economies Same GMO industry growing and sickening people Same debt that cannot be absolved when money is printed on loan. on record F.O.I.A requests and court cases pertaining to operation mockingbird, Mk ultra, operation gladio, operation paperclip, Tuskegee experiment,Mk naomi, operation highjump, operation northwoods. go ahead a google "poisoning st Louis" and see what your lovely government does on record. go Google "poisoning foster kids" and see what comes up on record. Same chem-trail sprayed skies... enough patents, videos photos and F.O.I.A requests on this. the evidence is out now Same perversions on TV and immorality. Same 21 million missing from d.o.d and h.u.d ON RECORD form the last audit. Forbes wrote a article on this...yet no politician talks about it. Same secret societies with registers. JKF and nixon gave aquotes on recording about this. Same 8 million children abducted every year for these rituals and abuse..yet no talk Same old...no talk on why these elitists aren't being held accountable for Epsteins island. They were named in the depositions and logs. Same pharmaceutical industry running its poisons and no accountability. Like vaccines...ya can't sue em...but ya can sue and get tax payer money instead. same loss of speech. Same censorship... Look sheep All you got to do is google "birth certificate corporation"...then you will realize why your name is in uppercase on your DL and taxes... why you are filed as a corporation and stock to be sold as a product which makes you operable in commerce. You don't even realize you're a corporation and fall under corporate, Maritime code...hence why judges dont follow constitution law but administrative law. you need to know your legal status. Bill j316s was legally passed by a 3rd party court because Government lost its position by abandonment this bill has to be granted in by the Senate...the Senate consists of (dems and reps correct) yet they all keep extending the vote, both sides...why they have to ok this bill Into law because government abandon their position when you read the litigation. but they wont.... this bill makes you free from corporation status...these rat senators won't even recognize it because it will show who really controls you and what the entity U.S is and who truly controls the U.S. just as you're a a corporation better do your research goyim You slaves don't know your role and have not done your homework...and it shows
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