Fareed Zakaria: A second lockdown in India is 'impossible'

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CNN's Becky Anderson speaks to CNN's Fareed Zakaria about the coronavirus crisis in India and how the government may not be able to enforce a second national lockdown, even if it wanted to. #CNN #News

daskippa lawson
daskippa lawson 39 minuta më parë
How many people suffered from autoimmune response such as heart attacks, strokes or blood clots after taking the vaccine shots? How many females had miscarriages or unusual menstrual cycles? A bio-weapon, has been unleashed around the world, for population deduction and the death vaccine recipient numbers will surpass the COVID-19 death numbers.
G Fernandes
G Fernandes 42 minuta më parë
@cnn @fareed is it really covid ?? Could be but the question that is not being asked knowingly or unknowingly ‘ are the vaccines the cause of this second wave? Is spike protein shedding from the vaccinated people the reason for covid spreading rapidly? Why are these not looked into.... the world over people are awake that the vaccines are gene therapy and not really vaccines. Why are Indian not having access to this info? Main stream media(MSM) has been the devils advocate! And he govt to!! Look at all the highly vaccinated countries in the world.... death toll has risen! Donot follow MSM ... deep digger the truth is kept away from people by MSM like CNN! Probably even blocked in India... go to bitchute or rumble or lifesite news! Nuremberg trials have started in Canada ...
PETE ALLISON 43 minuta më parë
There never was a successful lockdown in India: if there was India would not be where it is.
G Fernandes
G Fernandes Orë më parë
@sorry for your loss Fareed! About thebgree press in India .... all press is controlled across the world and so is CNN in abig way!
Giorgio_A Orë më parë
Zakaria! Have the balls to say your mother did not die of covid!! Politicizing Zakaria's mother death is another low point for CNN
s c
s c 2 orë më parë
*Chaos in India? Mayhem? Listen to what a fellow countryman says about chaos and mayhem in India.* alnets.info/work/h8mKqrDEsJt9xmk/video.html alnets.info/work/YNShaJvVk65yvqQ/video.html
jerald rajesh
jerald rajesh 2 orë më parë
Go and check homeless in street of America before you say india is poor
AVIRUP BANERJEE 3 orë më parë
A mulla is always a mulla
Ching The I
Ching The I 4 orë më parë
Create energy and oxygen yourself: Feeling all senses slowly and continuously in your body, then you'll control each breath, each body moving. I hope that the methodology of variability in Yi-Jing could help you pass covid-19 desease. To explain some phenomenon, all substances around us have negative and positive effects, called a consequent of yin-yang. When a body is infected by a strange virus, the system of whole body would be upside down, especially hard to control breath under the condition of normal air. This is a phenomenon of exchanges between yin and yang in the body, leading to shutdown some functions of senses. So, the methodology of variability in Yi-Jing repositions the state of this exchange to exploit an equilibrium of body. Please train more frequently.
Peter Lu
Peter Lu 5 orë më parë
What? India is run by rule of law, so it can not control the events? Still try to sugar coat of such a mess?
Joseph Kerr
Joseph Kerr 6 orë më parë
Indian diaspora will say Jai Hind from afar... but almost all of them do not want to return to that god-forsaken country and for a very good reason... it is a mess ! India has the MOST emigrants than any country including China. More than 4 million Indians leave India every year. Can you blame them ?
Shashi Jain
Shashi Jain 6 orë më parë
Not everyone listen and take the responsibility.
jane simmons
jane simmons 7 orë më parë
doesn't appear to be a virus.so much propaganda on india.
Matt Davidson
Matt Davidson 7 orë më parë
I can see there is hidden support here for condemning the Indian government suppressing news and truth. Why is the world media not stating this in BOLD /
yvx 700
yvx 700 8 orë më parë
That's why America is so amazing, it can survive infinity Trump and Foxnews. Free press baby! Autocracies don't have such counter weight and will always fail over long term. Lolz, it works so efficient in America, Trump survived only 1 term with two impeachments in his name.
bpxl53yewz 8 orë më parë
He’s right. I even heard Indian doctors saying they thought Indians were “immune to Covid “ because of their diet or whatever. This false notion also spread by Modi, who declared India had victory over Covid, put them in the place they are now in. Also Hardly anyone wore masks.
Raj 9 orë më parë
How dare you calling India a poor country. May be it is not that resourceful but it is good enough to handle their wheels without idiots like you who murmers to seek unwanted attention.
Taj Abdullah
Taj Abdullah 9 orë më parë
Innalillahi wainnailai hirojiun MasyAllah Permudahkan urusan kita semuanya amin. Lord, our prayers to the doctors, nurses and front lines in India; simplify our daily affairs to combat COVID-19, amen.
You tube
You tube 9 orë më parë
Kumbh mela , elections and opening temples and theatre was big stupidity on the part of politicians. They were safe as stayed home BUT not the foolish public.
awang belantara
awang belantara 9 orë më parë
Go back to India.
Arihant Sharma
Arihant Sharma 10 orë më parë
Cmon! India's not a poor country!! African countries are...
Arjun 10 orë më parë
First time too harsh lockdown? You have a country with the highest population density in the world. Covid would have spread like wild fire it is now. The second time he backed down because of the way people were complaining. There is no win here.
bpxl53yewz 8 orë më parë
He explained why. Pharmacies, grocery stores, and other essential places were closed. There was no planning.
hellslayer 96
hellslayer 96 11 orë më parë
indian goverment is so corrupt thta they are not even showing real numbers , deaths are 3 to 5 times higher , international news is covering this but national media is so fearfull they are just trying push it under the rug what the hell is going on is truely failure of goverment on all fronts
biplob prasad
biplob prasad 11 orë më parë
Get Well India
suresh 11 orë më parë
Don't talk nonsense, knowing so little. It is sick propaganda. Now India is better prepared with vaccine and PPE kit, and ventilators. Without first shut down, the death rate then would have been in millions. That gave us time to prepare better. You cannot prepare for 1.3 billion chaos.
suresh 12 orë më parë
Farmers protest in Delhi without masks and social distancing, gave public the false impression Indians are resistant to Covid and there is little to fear. That was Supreme Court's fault instructing government to allow the protest despite pandemic. It became difficult for Modi to advocate stringent measures on public. Then the explosion of 2nd wave took place. Courts just accused the government for shortages of oxygen. Point is, unruly democracy is ungovernable in normal times. In pandemic it becomes fatal. Western liberal democracy can break USSR and ruin India. India did not have the balance of mind to use common sense at crucial points in history. Supreme Court is not directly unanswerable to people, but the PM is. But Courts in India is allowed to make decisions due to fragmented multiparty democracy. India is a crazy democracy for want a better system.
Lionel Strangelove
Lionel Strangelove 12 orë më parë
India is a poor country that can't afford covid relief but can afford a space program, vanity projects win
Edwin Rodrigues
Edwin Rodrigues 12 orë më parë
Joshua Stavos
Joshua Stavos 13 orë më parë
All of the assets of every single member of the World Economic Forum should be seized and used to compensate the victims of the organized economic disaster and the experimental ‘vaccines’. The entire purpose of the Covid 19 ‘pandemic’ was to enslave the world’s population with an experimental injectable ‘platform’ as Gates calls it to monitor and control our behavior. The WHO changed the definition of ‘pandemic’ to include the common cold and the WEF wants to master us through the common cold and will launch deadlier enhanced viruses to accomplish this unless they are punished for the evil they have already perpetrated and NEVER allowed to do these things again.
Goon Hoong Tatt
Goon Hoong Tatt 13 orë më parë
Chinese government is authoritarian. Indian government is authoritarian. But one of them does not let their citizens beg for oxygen and then die without treatment.
Joshua Stavos
Joshua Stavos 13 orë më parë
Mr Zakaria’s mother most probably passed away for a reason other than ‘Covid 19’. The tests for this have unacceptable high false positive rates and testing for other viruses ( and other causes) has essentially ceased. Even when the Covid tests are negative, if a person has ANY cold or flu symptoms, he is ‘diagnosed’ as having ‘Covid 19’. There are literally trillions of viruses in and on every person ( 63 trillion on average) and thousands of strains of flu viruses. To attribute every cold and flu to Covid 19 is not only intellectually dishonest but a form of medical paganism.
LightElectric SuperCraft
LightElectric SuperCraft 13 orë më parë
Biggest democracy country in the world they say !
milind kamat
milind kamat 13 orë më parë
At least Modi has not recommended bleach. Corruption at the top is negligible.It was hall mark of congress for six decades
milind kamat
milind kamat 13 orë më parë
Not true. Pharmacies were not closed
RalphCharles MarjorieB
RalphCharles MarjorieB 14 orë më parë
Alec Zeck@Alec_Zeck Pfizer and Moderna using relative risk reduction in order to claim “95% effective” instead of using absolute risk reduction where they’d only be able to claim “0.7%” and “0.6%” effectiveness, respectively, is right out of Billy G’s favorite book “How to Lie With Statistics.” 7:30 AM · May 6, 2021 2.1KSee the latest COVID-19 information on Twitter
Robin Singh
Robin Singh 14 orë më parë
If Modi weren't there the situation might have been a lot worse. Modi 's government is a lot more sincere than past governments so if you are comparing India with other nations like UK or US in terms of covid response, you are an utter fool. we are decades behind these countries in terms of medical infrastructure to cope with any epidemic like this one.
Crusader of Underdogs
Crusader of Underdogs 15 orë më parë
柳岑焉 15 orë më parë
早期镇长勾結匪幫,趕印地族至大峽谷,又趕到另一处分散,SO,是偽仁夫,,,吧,是知一切他们習慣,SO,??。 大家皆知,,,。
Dev Parakh
Dev Parakh 15 orë më parë
Bullshit he is talking..A part of anti India forces
Chetan Desai
Chetan Desai 15 orë më parë
He is not truthful in his reporting. Pharmacy and medical stores and grocery shop were open in march 2020 lockdown
manoj k
manoj k 15 orë më parë
I don't know why he is talking like this. Yes, the situation is pretty bad in some parts of the country and definitely there is huge spike in cases in most parts of India. Remember, India has a federal structure. There are states in India as we speak, under COMPLETE lockdown. There are states like Orissa, where Covid is handled pretty well, so far. Of course they don't have infinite beds or Oxygen. So far so good. Remember, In jan and feb 2021, three thousand PLUS was the DAILY average covid death in USA. There is freedom of press in India. Hope that explains.
Amit Menon
Amit Menon 16 orë më parë
Typical propoganda from the so called Western democracy.
Raj Salwan
Raj Salwan 16 orë më parë
Be a generalist Not a Muslim. Mr. Moody is the one who’s locked down saved India for one year. If you have a better plan why don’t you give that instead of criticizing.This is impossible to treat 1.3 billion people. Only God can help and that is what is happening. Neither of the people listen nor the politicians listen so don’t blame anyone. So far Mr. Moody is the best for Mr. we have.
LJ 17 orë më parë
India will get through this COVID wave. No one could have anticipated this wave. We are doing the best to deal with it. Don’t need fake sympathy of leftist India haters.
JK King
JK King 17 orë më parë
Have to give credit to this man who speak out the real tragic India is facing. The crisis in India is more than the Covid crisis. It is a complete failed political system and leadership..
Sharath s
Sharath s 17 orë më parë
If we had prevented those festivals and political related gathering this much of loss wouldn't have happened today..
Ankur 18 orë më parë
When the Beirut explosion happened 200 people died, the prime minister resigned. In India Coivd happened, millions of people have died and more are dying everyday, but no one has resigned. Tells a lot about the world's largest democracy.
N Kumar
N Kumar 18 orë më parë
Mosi is not Trump cnn
bmniac 18 orë më parë
It is astonishing that both commentators and commenters seem to be unaware that India is not just large but a semi federal system where the states have been deciding what they wanted except for the initial lock-down. Te initial lock-down in my view was a warning about the grim nature of the pandemic There is certainly a failure of the system. Warning or no warning there was a time when we were trained to prepare for the worst irrespectiv of he political leadership.( I retired fom Government over two decades back) State Governments failed to enforce wearing of masks and social distancing. That would not have happened a few decades back. Knowing very well that we lack discipline and social awareness, NO festival of any sort should have been allowed by Government Election campaigns with crowds should have been banned. It is not tend to look only at the Government at the Centre but it is the state governments that run the health departments. Except initially when the Centre took the lead soon after the state governments went their own ways.Even Kerala (where I had worked long back) which was praised earlier has not done well. At the local level not only is there mismanagement but corruption as well. Two significant predictable failures We should have arranged for diversion of all oxygen to hospitals much earlier and increased production through extra shifts. When the demand for vaccines was predictable sleeping over raw material imports as unpardonable, Most people who died belonged to the middle and upper classes who spurned all precautions. Most of them had co-morbidities Every fourth urban Indian, if not third, is a diabetic or pre-diabetic and is therefore highly vulnerable.. As for the journalists there seems to be little caution especially as they are stressed and have no regular llfestyle and are quite vulnerable. self righteousness is not enough. Government failures does not free us of blame! The state Governments including BJP governments are responsible for health and they have failed. And let us admit we as a people do not self regulate and are responsible for spreading Covid. I wonder when as a society we will learn?
mike lofft
mike lofft 18 orë më parë
Did he play freddie mercury in the movie ?
Nick Young
Nick Young 18 orë më parë
Which I don’t understand why America was pushing for lockdowns in the first place because they never worked any way
Derik O'Brain
Derik O'Brain 18 orë më parë
USA exported ZERO Vaccines UK exported ZERO Vaccines And here is poor ol India exporting Tens of Millions of Doses worldwide. And now when they are in trouble, Western media is busy doing political hitjobs on India's prime-minister. Bunch of losers you media folks.
Piyush Desai
Piyush Desai 18 orë më parë
Comments are far away from the facts Ignore
Chandrima Shah
Chandrima Shah 18 orë më parë
Deepest condolences on your Mom’s passing. Sad sad sad. Just thought you may find this interesting. Sad but interesting: alnets.info/work/atNxesyt05d_nGU/video.html
Tame Duck
Tame Duck 18 orë më parë
I disagree with the solution with Farheed. How can one fire public officials with no one to replace them. All educated folx like you have abandoned their country enjoying like in NY
Rajesh Maharaj
Rajesh Maharaj 19 orë më parë
Very biased comments.
Greg Shiller
Greg Shiller 19 orë më parë
The whole world is in high alert. Starting from US, all countries are closing borders to India. India is total isolated.
Thumbs down For ya
Thumbs down For ya 19 orë më parë
🤮 So far 5800 fully vaccinated people have caught covid anyway ( FACT) CNN sucks! Thumbs down for ya 👎 #460 👎
laeeque nadvi
laeeque nadvi 19 orë më parë
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jashank madbhvi
jashank madbhvi 19 orë më parë
Don't have money for covid relief ? Are really an Indian or live in India ? Dipshit, India is rich, restricted to certain individuals who have no accountability .
Jiten Dra
Jiten Dra 20 orë më parë
Correct analysis
Pawan Khurana
Pawan Khurana 20 orë më parë
Indian Media has collapsed fully agree with Fareed, let alone media even constitutional body like Election Commission is under question , God knows if Supreme Court is still working freely
Shams Indian
Shams Indian 20 orë më parë
Zak is on the point! Yes Indian media with few exceptions are licking boots of governing party 😭
Jorge Johnson
Jorge Johnson 20 orë më parë
Lost his mom to CoVid but not too grieved to hock his book about the pandemic. Nice product placement, Fareed.
Rudy Truly
Rudy Truly 20 orë më parë
India is a democracy with a rule of law? Seems Farid is out of touch.
oldjohn in neighbor
oldjohn in neighbor 20 orë më parë
let's agree to disagree
Kanwar Puri
Kanwar Puri 21 orë më parë
Zaharia has tried to be as objective as possible ,but there seems to be some underlined dislike for Modi. It may have come from his religious beliefs. My sincere sympathies for the loss of your mom.
sushanalone 21 orë më parë
Funny they are showing people with masks in rallies when they were not mandatory, and still blaming people who were at rallies. And while all political parties were holding rallies, they show only the ruling party rallies while talking about out breaks. Looks like manufacturing consent to me. Also when the Govt took strong steps it was authoritarian, when they let it go it was politically motivated and careless. Seriously? p.s. i am not for either party, its just the portrayal is disingenuous.
Biswa Mohan
Biswa Mohan 21 orë më parë
Just shut up and open up the Vaccine raw material to India instead of blocking it and be civilized ! Remember India also plays a role in Pfizer vaccine raw material supply chain but never stooped that low like what the US did by banning raw material supply.
Nostredamus Caesar de
Nostredamus Caesar de 21 orë më parë
A destructive sand storm is expected in the near future. COVID-19, Start eating the Coronavirus antidote. The antidote to Coronavirus is available at..... There is.
Cartoon Entertainment
Cartoon Entertainment 21 orë më parë
you say impossible,covid says good job
seow pj
seow pj 22 orë më parë
One thing in common.for the.top 3 countries with biggest infections and deaths in this pandemic is the election of Stupid.,Self Serving leaders who mis managed the oandemic. These 3 biggest Democracies had failed the.peoples. In these democracies, the leaders behave like Dictators who aew.not accountable to theur failures.
lenomali 22 orë më parë
As an aide to India's pandemic crisis, France should cancel the sales of the planned 36 advance fighter planes, US the doing the same with all the waring hardware planned fire delivery and return those money, or convert them into medical devices to fight the pandemic.
K96 22 orë më parë
CNN AGAIN being vulture trying to push leftist agenda during a pandemic..will CNN has anyone comments for china that has spread this virus
Roaming Rishis
Roaming Rishis 22 orë më parë
We already have a lockdown dear MORON Zakaria.
Conscious Oblivion
Conscious Oblivion 22 orë më parë
Declaration of win with the production of vaccines to the extent of sending vaccines to other countries and celebrating our altruism. Right now, the vaccine centres don't have vaccines. Officially they have started vaccination for all age groups. Actually they are administering only age 45+ and factually even that is not happening. My 60 plus aged parents' vaccination booking slot has been cancelled by them twice without citing reasons. Ofcourse they are not having it.
khobabe ahmed
khobabe ahmed 22 orë më parë
You know when I decided to check reports about what's going on in india about covid . The first news channels came into my mind was " CNN, BBC, ABC , and so on...... Instead of I'm an Indian Still I dont haven't faith in our media Rest you all can understand 😐😐
khobabe ahmed
khobabe ahmed 22 orë më parë
He's right I absolutely agree with his two points : 1. Modi celebrated victory earlier 2. Media here is acting like a cheerleader for leaders. They were not showing the truth but were behind the "JAMAAT" WTF
Asoke das
Asoke das 22 orë më parë
Mr Zakaria is misleading and his advice would run up death count astronomically and countless waves will be set in motion by new mutants. Immediate lockdown is the only way . Death by hunger of some will not infect anybody.
Mukesh singh Vidrohi
Mukesh singh Vidrohi 22 orë më parë
RIP fareed zakaria
Mukesh singh Vidrohi
Mukesh singh Vidrohi 22 orë më parë
Why this Muslim is Indian
jerin Mathew
jerin Mathew 23 orë më parë
Second lockdown is not possible .. But it is inevitable..!!
Krasi K
Krasi K 23 orë më parë
People die because of misery and stress not because of covid. This is a political tool to brainwash us and drag us down. We need fresh air, healthy food, social contacts and peace of mind.
Sensei 23 orë më parë
I am still struggling to clear my debt from last year's unnecessary lockdown by this maniac Modi. ModiShah duo fucked their poor citizens to sink in deep debt. While they enjoy public money.
krishna reddy
krishna reddy Ditë më parë
First America suffered, now India. Like America, India too will overcome the existing difficulties. It's a matter of time.
pax43 Ditë më parë
*Welcome CNN, but, reject TRTWorld ,using religion as a geoplitical tool, for the benifit of Ankara-Islamabad axis*
Weird Guy Pi
Weird Guy Pi Ditë më parë
I will answer what went wrong in a line: Indians were careless and didn't care much about social distancing.
Weird Guy Pi
Weird Guy Pi Ditë më parë
I see a lot of fake sympathies on the comments.
Tahuan Tinsuyo
Tahuan Tinsuyo Ditë më parë
Communist China was born after twenty years of war including WWII. In 1949, China was completely destroyed. The entire population lived in dire and extreme poverty including endemic famines. India was not. It was a British colony, and a prosperous one as well. China followed the Stalinist model of a Communist dictatorship. India followed the British Capitalist democratic system. In 2021, China has eliminated extreme poverty. India has 70% extreme poverty rate. The facts speak for themselves.
Nitin Vishwakarma
Nitin Vishwakarma Ditë më parë
Mr Fareed and CNN, pls dont try to screw India, bcos if last year Lockdown was not done then the current situation should have been the same issue same situation last year, and after then every one blamed Modi that he screwed the economy ot India, and that is how it was controlled, and now u guys are telling for complete lockdown. You guys are victious. Just want to find down hindu angle. Every individual is responsible for current situation including government at all levels. mumbai and delhi have seperate government and have decentralization on control so how only Modi is responsible. Needless to say this interview is very biased and CNN is promoting anti india comment and tarnishing image of India.
Christopher Lobo
Christopher Lobo Ditë më parë
Fareed Zakaria should reserve his expert opinion for the biden administration, US media and the ruling party, the democrats.
Brainy Lemon
Brainy Lemon Ditë më parë
There are almost 200 million muslims in india....not single one of them speaks good for modi or bjp....so this discussion amyways a another set up to defame modi and india.....the gentleman said there is no more free press in india😂....just turn on indian media channels, you will find it yourself
Photon Beam
Photon Beam Ditë më parë
He is exaggarating , and giving incorrect info , pharmacies were never closed, nor 15 ppl live in 2 rooms, it's his imagination.
Anagh Ganguly
Anagh Ganguly Ditë më parë
Fareed is wrong. Medical stores were not shut down in the first lockdown, neither were the local grocery stores.
Savio Ryan Noronha
Savio Ryan Noronha Ditë më parë
We in India have been suffering due to modi regime.. in short.
Narendra S Kamath
Narendra S Kamath Ditë më parë
Is Mr Zakaria doing an indirect effort to make publicity of his book placed on the rack behind? It looks so blatant.
Anzila Kumar
Anzila Kumar Ditë më parë
It is a fact when ur time is up its up. Nothing can save anyone. Nobody knows how one will go. Time to help out each other. India with the biggest population so the numbers will obviously b really high n chaotic. Even less population countries r having hard time. Brazil also in a similar covid-19 situation. R other countries helping them.
中国制造 Made in China
中国制造 Made in China Ditë më parë
It is NOT Modi's failure in India, just like it was NOT Trump's failure in the US, it is the failure of the democratic system, in which the gov't official take no responsibility to its people and are not held accountable by the system. How could China push the virus back to Pandora's box? Chinese gov't fired over 3500 gov't officials of different levels, how many Indian gov't officers have been fired? zero (0), how many US gov't officers were fired? nil (0). When the democratic system failed, people die.
Eugene Anamiaa
Eugene Anamiaa Ditë më parë
Biden didn’t help India and it sounds like India acted like governor Cuomo.
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